Fogászati kezelések, szájsebészeti beavatkozások (fog implantátumok, bölcsességfog eltávolítás) valamint szájhigiénés kezelések (fogkőleszedés, fogkő eltávolítás).


Dental Implants Clinic - Get back your confident smile!

Precízdent - Fogászat a 15. kerületben
Loosing your teeth doesn’t mean the end of the world.
Stay in your own budget – and get quality dental care.
Comfortable and affordable meet you in Hungary, Europe’s dental centre.

Friendly experts

You'll find our cosy clinic in the suburban area of Budapest, where you can also stay during your treatment. Our doctors' clinical experience assures you that you get the highest quality of dental service in implantology and dental surgery.
The recovery is fast thanks to the short deadlines, which makes the treaments quicker and less painful.


Why are dental treatments cheaper here than anywhere else?

There are several reasons why Hungary can offer treatments at a lower price than in e.g. Britain, but the most significant is the difference in wages between the two countries.

Dentists in Hungary ask much less for treatments than they do in Great Britain, and thus keeping the prices of client's treatments low. Also, the clinics in Hungary employ a large number of specialized dentists so they do not have to turn to a third party for treatment advice. 

And finally, the presence of dental laboratories, integrated into the Hungarian clinics allows them to produce high quality materials such as implants, crowns, dentures, etc. on the spot (using some of the advanced machineries you can only find in Europe), which shortens the length of the dental treatment and therefore cuts the costs, unlike most of the British or German dental clinics who order their materials from Hungarian clinics and laboratories.

Dental Care Services

Oral surgery

At our clinic we highly focus our attention on surgical treatments. Our colleagues are not only experienced in removing the wisdom tooth accurately, they also build in implants on a daily level. Beside the perfect outcome, we find it imporant to provide our patients with hygenic advices also.

Dental Implantology - Cosmetic Dentistry
You can recieve back your healthy smile, precisely and without any pain. Similar to the roots of the natural tooth, your tooth can be replaced with implants, and gain the same stability for long term.
The advantage of the implants, is that we don’t have to polish the surface of the tooth beside the builded one. In the case of bigger gaps or denture, creating fix tooth replacing is possible.

The jammed, and muddled tooths are impossible to be kept clean. This could lead to cavity and palate inflammation. At the age of fifty this could cause tooth bed damage. At our clinic orthodontia is available for kids and grown ups also. According to the english certificate given, your own dentist back home can continue the treatment.

Dental technology
The job of the dental technician is to build fixed and changeable dental implants. The type of the applied treatment is depending on the case. Which tooth and how many are damaged, and which part of the tooth arc is missing. Thanks for the nearly 20 years of experience, there isn’t any unsolvable case for us. Patients treated at the Clinic with implantologic cases, deserve the primacy of beeing  first. This way, we can work with short deadlines - without losing any quality.


Tamás Vigh

Phone: +36 20 928 4493


1155 Hungary 

Wysocki street 29.

We speak English and German. For more visit our new dental treatments website.

Dental Treatment Prices

Radiance bond tooth white filling 60.-Eur
Rooth threathment by rooth channels 60.-Eur
Controll X-tray 20.-Eur
Removing plaque from top and bottom 100.-Eur
Cogt tooth sculpting by cog's 60.-Eur
Tooth whitening for all teeth 500.-Eur
Porcelain crown without metal 750.-Eur
Porcelain crown 190.-Eur
Porcelain crown with precious metal (gold) 200.-Eur+price of metal
Temporary crown 40.-Eur
Inlay made of porcelai or gradia 180.-Eur
Producing  denture by price of tooth 60.-Eur
Denture clip per piece 40.-Eur
Sheet metal price of denture 280.-Eur
Attechment per piece 200.-Eur
Denture repaire 100.-Eur